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Breaks for Friday, 08/14/2020 @ 5:00PM Eastern
Bowman Sterling Baseball & Elements Football RELEASE DAY!

To qualify just land on the top or the bottom of the randomizer of any of tonight’s box breaks!

Dan Marino Autographed Card!
Superstar Autographed Card tbd!
Superstar Autographed Card tbd!
Superstar Autographed Card tbd!
Superstar Autographed Card tbd!
1 box of 2020 Prizm Quick Pitch Baseball
1 box of 2020 Prizm Quick Pitch Baseball
2 packs of 2020 Prizm Baseball
2 packs of 2020 Prizm Baseball
2 packs of 2020 Prizm Baseball
2 packs of 2020 Prizm Baseball
2 packs of 2020 Prizm Baseball
2 packs of 2020 Prizm Baseball
$100.00 Break Credit
$50.00 Break Credit
More to be added!!

21 available breaks.    Click here to filter them by sport.

The Break Exchange conducts random breaks and personal breaks. The most common type of random breaks that we will do is random teams but we will also be doing random players, serial numbers, divisions and more. It is very common for breaks to have 2, 3 or even 4 teams per spot purchased!

Razzes are similar to breaks except you buy into razzes hoping to win single cards. Our razzes are different in that the razz doesn't need to be completely sold out in order to break!! A razz will either break the next break session after it sells out OR 48 hours after the FIRST spot is sold, with a minimum of 3 spots needed in most razzes. So it is possible that the winner will be randomized among just a couple people, OR as few as just THREE spots!

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How Box Breaking Works


Step One

Pick Your Break

Browse our upcoming breaks and find the boxes you're most interested in.


Step Two

Buy Your Spots

Our randomizer assigns you to teams that will be yours throughout your break.


Step Three

Tune In Live!

All cards in your break that match your team are yours to keep, trade, or sell.

If you would like to send your cards in from home please go to our Sell Our Cards page and fill out the form. You can either sell us your cards directly (in exchange for immediate cash or break credit) or consign them at our site (see Selling Cards at our Site, below). Once the cards are in your portfolio you will be able to do anything you want to them as mentioned above. We reserve the right to not post common cards to the site, based on our experienced judgement. Any commons not posted will be donated.

Our randomization process is a state-of-the-art computerized process that immediately and randomly pairs people who have purchased spots with a random teams (or other list type item that are currently being used). Since this is computerized there is no data entry or bulky spreadsheets to take up a lot of time and risk of making errors. Once a break starts the randomizer will immediately start, pair the spots and the teams together and display the results immediately on the screen.

About The Break Exchange

The Break Exchange Sports Cards is a state-of-the-art box box breaking experience. Our goal is to completely change the way you enjoy box and case breaking and allow you instant access to the cards that you acquire through our highly-advanced process. We are committed to customer service and the customer experience at a level that you didn't even know was possible through our ultra-modern and technologically advanced platform.

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