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1 Box of 2019 Leaf In The Game Used Sports Multiple Sports (Random Subsets!)

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List to be Randomized:

All-Star Game History
All-Time Enshrined
All-Time Enshrined Quad
Draft History
Fantastic Fabrics
Fantasy Baseball Leaders
Four Sport Phenoms
Franchise Favorites
In the Name Used Letter
ITGU Dual Auto
ITGU Triple Auto
Jumbo Patch
Legendary Numbers
MVP 8s
MVP Signatures
Nickname Hall of Fame
Super Swatch Sigs
The Art of Sport
The Final Curtain
The Gr8test of All Time
The Journey
The Ten
We Built This City

Products in this Break:

Leaf In The Game Used Sports Multiple or Misc. Sports Details:

The premium ITG offshoot returns in 2019 Leaf In The Game Used Sports. First released as a multi-sport offering in 2018, the relic-heavy set again provides five memorabilia cards per box Featuring top names of past and present for baseball, basketball, football, hockey, boxing and more, every card in the 2019 Leaf In The Game Used Sports checklist carries a memorabilia piece.

  • Single-Player Memorabilia Cards. Focusing on one subject, the single-player lineup includes Jumbo Patch, The Journey dual relics for those who played for multiple franchises, and artistic The Art of Sport triple relics.
  • In The Game Used Letter takes individual letter patches from the nameplate, while The Nickname Hall of Fame covers iconic monikers. Examples include Rickey Henderson ("The Man of Steal"), Vlad "The Impaler" Guerrero and Walter Payton ("Sweetness").
  • In addition, the eight-piece Fantastic Fabrics mixes in a variety of gear for one player.
  • Multi-Player Memorabilia Cards
  • 2019 Leaf In The Game Used Sports dives even more into the multi-player relics and most carry a theme that connects the players.
  • Choices consist of All-Time Enshrined Dual and Quad for those inducted to their respective Hall of Fame in the same year. We Built This City highlights two players from the same sports town and Legacy is for some of the greatest trios across multiple eras.
  • Similarities are found via Legendary Numbers duals for players with the same jersey number, and The Final Curtain duals for those that retired in the same year. Four Sport Phenoms really mixes up the lineup with four key subjects from four different sports.
  • The relic selection also includes the six-player All-Star Game History and Draft History, and the eight-player MVP 8s and The Gr8test of All-Time.
  • Fantasy Baseball Leaders is a six-player relic insert that identifies fantasy standouts of past seasons. The Ten naturally highlights 10 sports legends on one card.
  • Autographed Memorabilia Cards
  • Unsigned relics tend to be more common in 2019 Leaf In The Game Used Sports, but there are several lines that add a signature. This includes In The Game Used Auto single, Dual and Triple editions.
  • On top of that, collectors can find Super Swatch Signatures plus MVP Signatures dual relics, which celebrate two stars named MVP in the same year.
  • 2019 Leaf In The Game Used Sports The Chosen Few Redemptions Some of the top hits from 2019 Leaf In The Game Used Sports come into play with The Chose Few redemptions. The program lets collectors pick their preferred choice from a list of several one-of-one cards.

Sample Cards from this Product:

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