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Next Broadcast: Wednesday, 01/22/2020 @ 8:00PM Eastern

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2 sold out breaks, so far, will break during the January 22 broadcast.

14 Available!

4 Boxes of 2019-20 Panini Revolution Basketball (Random Teams)

Extremely Limited!

$36.00 for 2 teams!

(Break ID: 11566)

10 Available!

1 Box of 2019 Topps Bowmans Best Baseball (Random Teams)


$29.00 for 3 teams!

(Break ID: 11568)

ONLY 5 Available!

1 Box of 2019 Topps High Tek Baseball (Random Teams)

3 Autos per box!

$15.00 for 2 teams!

(Break ID: 11511)

ONLY 8 Available!

1 Box of 2019 Panini National Treasures Baseball (Random Teams)

$45.00 for 2 teams!

(Break ID: 11519)

ONLY 9 Available!

1 Box of 2019 Panini Chronicles Baseball (Random Teams)

4 HITS, including 3 autos!! LOADED PRODUCT!

$20.00 for 3 teams!

(Break ID: 11565)

ONLY 8 Available!

1 Box of 2019 Panini Unparalleled Football (Random Teams)

$19.50 for 4 teams!

(Break ID: 11562)

ONLY 7 Available!

1 Box of 2019 Panini Gold Standard Football (Random Teams)

$36.00 for 4 teams!

(Break ID: 11567)

The Break Exchange conducts random breaks and personal breaks. The most common type of random breaks that we will do is random teams but we will also be doing random players, serial numbers, divisions and more. It is very common for breaks to have 2, 3 or even 4 teams per spot purchased!

Razzes are similar to breaks except you buy into razzes hoping to win single cards. Our razzes are different in that the razz doesn't need to be completely sold out in order to break!! A razz will either break the next break session after it sells out OR 48 hours after the FIRST spot is sold, with a minimum of 2 spots needed in most razzes. So it is possible that the winner will be randomized among just a couple people, OR as few as just TWO spots!

How Box Breaking Works


Step One

Pick Your Break

Browse our upcoming breaks and find the boxes you're most interested in.


Step Two

Buy Your Spots

Our randomizer assigns you to teams that will be yours throughout your break.


Step Three

Tune In Live!

All cards in your break that match your team are yours to keep, trade, or sell.